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Corporate purpose —— to survive quality, integrity and win-win, innovation and development, winning brand

The spirit of enterprise —— career first, honesty, unity, founded in innovation

Quality guidelines —— quality first, a positive innovation, customer service, continuous improvement.

Market concept —— the situation, the rapid response

Enterprise mission —— focus on technology and services, to become a leader in the field of micro pump valve, to provide customers with the best quality products.

Sense of worth

Take the user demand as the center, take the market trend as the guide.

Extremely serious, realistic, rapid response, never neglect.

Innovation and development, focus on technology and services to enhance customer value。

People oriented: everyone is the elite of their positions, every day in the progress of.


Famous brand: becoming a world famous brand in the application market.

Technology driven: the leading technology and innovative products for customers to enhance the value of.

Learning team: a team of innovation and learning.

Management Excellence: continuous improvement, high quality and efficiency。

Earnings growth: an increase in the interests of employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and partners.

Development principles and objectives

To international standards as a starting point, customer demand as a fundamental, professional spirit to continue to promote the industrial management of the company's product development and investment projects, cooperation and win-win with customers, and strive to become the electromagnetic pump and valve industry's most competitive and vitality business。

Management Idea - the value of all the user in mind

Honest and trustworthy, quality first, mutual benefit ﹑ products to customers enhanced functionality, quality, value, while reducing costs, and common development;

Focus on long-term development, not because of the value of the commercial interests of injury to the user;

Concern and understanding of user demand, with excellent products and services to meet the needs of users;

User attention and emotional communication, respect the user experience, grow with the user.

Quality Concept - perseverance, excellence

Quality is the development of life, only perseverance in pursuit, to meet the market demand in order to create the perfect product。 We want to be responsible for every product, for every one of our customer's responsibility。 We follow high quality standards in management, so that enterprises in the efficient management of the operation to ensure the realization of strategic objectives。

Learning concept - self-elimination, self-transcendence

Lifelong learning is the development of the times, learning is a dynamic process, only never satisfied, dare to self-elimination, and beyond in order to achieve greater results.

Innovative ideas - ideas determine, decide on the future of innovation

Wait it means extinction。 The most potent weapon of competition in the market is its ability to innovate, technological innovation, management innovation, so that employees and businesses realize their own value in constant innovation。 Changes in the market is difficult to predict, we only have a good grasp of self-innovation ability and awareness, active strain, positive change, to seize the opportunity to continuously challenge and improve themselves in order to continue to have their own level of development in the fierce competition, sustainable advance。

Crisis Concept - gingerly treading on thin ice

Enterprises are faced with increasingly fierce market competition environment, every employee should have enough sense of crisis, practical efforts to do the work now, continue to create greater opportunities for development of enterprises with their own value realization, so that enterprises in the strong sustainable development under conscious self-improvement。 Our crisis is not only from outside but also from within; not only from the competition, but also from the conservative, from a long-term precipitation。 The staff, especially leaders, which have a clear understanding of vigilance, calm face the reality。

Internationalization concepts - mind the world, the pursuit of excellence

In an international perspective, strategizing, participate in global competition, the pursuit of the leading position in the industry。 Global economic integration and China's accession to WTO, for us is an opportunity and a threat。 We want to train and popularize the concept of internationalization, further emancipate the mind, broaden their thinking, global perspective to consider their market competitiveness and resource allocation and other strategic issues, strengthen the sense of crisis and sense of learning, to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises。

Boutique Concept - excellence, Scale the heights

Perfect quality, excellent brand is our endless pursuit.

Customer is the sole judge of quality. We should not only research the industry, national and international standards, but also to study the customer's standards and processes, customer standards, standards of the market is our highest quality standards. Brand essence to represent my product features delivered to the customer, benefits and services consistent commitment. We want first-class products, the integrity of services to Wanda fight international brand.

Work ethic - when section with pity, capable and efficient

Saving is a traditional virtue is the development of the times, when Xi is the minimum requirement of modern enterprise carry out the work; capable and efficient in order to truly improve efficiency, in order to create more value for the enterprise。

Moral values - Integrity Responsibility Collaboration

Only honesty and integrity in order to keep people honorable and ethical, sense of responsibility and cooperative attitude is not just a job, it is a moral requirement.

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