Working principle of solenoidcoil pumping systems

  Solenoidcoil pump is an electromagnetic field using a liquid pump design principle.Similar to ordinary solenoidcoil pump solenoid valve, it is the work of AC power, an alternating current through the electromagnetic coil fixed magnetic field, and the formation of the movable pump interaction driven pump vibration, push the liquid output。

  Solenoidcoil pump using a magnetic field and the interaction of the current in the conductive fluid, the fluid by the electromagnetic force generated by the pressure gradient, thus promoting a device fluid motion. Practical mostly for pumping the liquid metal, also known as liquid metal solenoidcoil pump.

  Press the power solenoidcoil pump can be divided into AC and DC pump pump; by way of the liquid metal current supply can be divided into conduction and induction solenoidcoil pump; according to different structures can be divided into flat and cylindrical pump pumps。 Conduction pump, the current from the external power source via the pump electrode conduction on both sides of the ditch directly to the liquid metal; induction pump, a current induced by the alternating magnetic field。

  Solenoidcoil pump no moving parts, simple structure, good sealing, reliable operation, and therefore the chemical industry, printing industry for delivering some of the toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead; in the nuclear power industry for transporting special chemical properties of active metals such as sodium, potassium, sodium-potassium alloy; casting the enterprise can be used to make aluminum, magnesium and other active metal dosing pumps, but now the use of military and other large enterprises mainly.


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