Staff salaries:

Post performance salary + salary + bonus + special subsidies


1, the company purchased social insurance, according to the national statutory holidays;

2, five days annual leave for one year;

3, traditional holidays and paid staff birthday gift, provided free accommodation, there are utilities, with subsidies for food;

4, office environment comfort, with drinking fountains, air conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators;

5, the company regularly organize outings activities.


1, who meet the following conditions, the company rewarded:

  • Made significant contributions to the company in order to improve economic efficiency and market competitiveness;

  • To boost profits, disorders competitiveness and technology, management and technical innovation have been major adopters of recommendations;

  • Excellent performance, outstanding achievements persons;

  • It found that accidents take timely measures to prevent accidents by;

  • The company won a good reputation in the market and society persons;

  • other.

2、Bonus content and methods:

  • Honor Award and rationalization proposals Prize。

  • Award for significant contributions。

  • Excellent staff title.

  • Encouragement Award.

  • other.

3、To reward those companies may be verbal praise, informed of praise, money, pay, promotion and other means。

 Work Time
Mon to Fri :8:00-17:30
Sat to Sat :8:00-12:00
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